Upper Merion Wrestling
The Upper Merion Youth Wrestling Association (UMYWA) is a non-profit organization, which was established in 1972.  The wrestling club was formed with the purpose of introducing our community's youth to the sport of wrestling.  Over the years, the club has inspired many of its club members to continue to pursue the sport of wrestling throughout high school and beyond.   Many of those who have excelled in this sport, credit the youth program for their success.  

The UMYWA is committed to building a successful wrestling program, by instilling each of the following core elements within each athlete:   

  • Technical Skills - The appropriate level of skills are taught to each athlete as they progress through their development.  
  • Mental Toughness - We work to build a strong sense of confidence within each athlete, to carry with them both on and off the mat.  
  • Strong Physical Fitness - Is an important part of being a wrestler, and we encourage each athlete to continue to maintain their fitness post season, for their own well being.   
  • Good Sportmanship - Is promoted on the part of the athletes,  parents, and coaches. 
  • Have Fun - We strive to make it an enjoyable environment, as we work to balance the learning experience at the same time.  

Please call Bob Wochele at 484-868-5636 for emergencies and cancellations.


UM Middle School                                   UM High School 

450 Keebler Rd.                                            440 Crossfield   Rd.

King of Prussia, PA 19406                  King of Prussia, PA 19406                            

Phone (610) 205-8800                           Phone: (610) 205-3800

Fax (610) 205-8999                                    Fax: (610) 205-3993

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